Statehood Process:

1. Develop local support in each county.

2. Establish territory boundaries.

3. Petition state legislature for a "YES" vote to get permission to secede.

4. If yes, then petition congress for  a "YES" vote for permission to secede.

5. If yes, then ask for presidential signature.

6. When secession is certified, the new state immediately becomes liable for portion of California state debt, currently 418 Billion (418,000,000,000.00).

7. New state has to immediately pay for ALL infrastructure and services.

8. New state "may" stay obligated to federal system because it is a state.

9. A condition was placed upon the admission of California to statehood in 1850 that does not allow the "People," through their legislature or otherwise, to ever interfere with the United States regarding the "Public Lands or the Public Domain" EVER!

(9) "Act for admission, Volume 9 Statutes at Large,
​pg. 452, September 9th 1850."

Jefferson Republic

"We ARE the People!"

Grange Sponsored Constitutional Republic:

1. Initiative petition draft. (Complete)

2. Submit to County Clerk for subject matter approval. (Complete)

3. Title and summary written by County Council. (Complete)

4. Petition circulated for voter signatures. (Complete)

5. Sufficient signatures for ballot qualification. (Complete)

6. Vote on by the People. (Officially ON June 3rd, 2014 Ballot)

7. If approved by People's vote, it only creates a legal "Framework" for an additional government.

8. The "Framework" is filled in by Vote of the People.

9. Does not assume any debt.

10. No permission is required by ANY government entity.

11. The People of any county wishing to be in this "Framework" go through the same process.

12. This process is based specifically on two articles in the California Constitution wherein "We the People" have the authority, and rights to vote for a legal "New Republic Government."

People running government, NOT government running We the People!
This website is dedicated to educating Siskiyou County residents regarding the historical choice they will be voting for on the June 3rd Siskiyou County, CA "Measure C" ballot. The upcoming measure gives Siskiyou County residents the choice for "We the People" to rejuvenate our great Constitution by creating a Constitutional government framework that will be filled in by the People, for the People.
April 13, Log Cabin (Yreka)
April 18, Dorris City Hall
April 19, Klamath River Hall
April 26, Copco Lake Hall

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