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Why “Statehood” is NOT a good idea for the “PEOPLE.”

1.  In 1871, the Forty First Congress incorporated our Nation into a “Private Federal Corporation” by passage of "The District of Columbia Act" and trade marked the name “United States” (Note absence of America). They were able to do so because the Nation was still under marshal law. The “ACT” also established a new second separate Constitution for “Corporate America.”  We are operating under that Constitution today!

2.  In 1944 The President of the “United States” wanted to enter in to an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF - World Bank). With the Senates consent, the “Bretton Woods Agreement Act” was instituted and the “United States” became a member of the IMF. Membership required our Nation to quitclaim ALL of its assets to the IMF. Congress subsequently placed it into Law by USC 22, Sec. 286 & 286a

        A. The above act placed the United States’ private federal corporation into the ownership of the IMF.  Prior to the “Act,” “We the People” owned that private federal corporation so there was no conflict of interest. Upon transfer of ownership, there is now!!

         B. Prior to 1944, between 1913 & 1916, “Corporate America” passed its own 16Th Amendment to make it appear as if it was a part of the original organic Constitution of 1787.  That Amendment VACATED the “Constitutional” seats of the Senate.

Today we are being governed by a private federal corporation owned by a foreign entity.  Our original Constitution is still in effect, it has NEVER gone away.  The People have just NOT Enforced it!

To become a new “State” today, we would just be going back into the same system we are trying to correct, thus being obligated to comply with the same rules we are trying to change.

That is why we need to let The PEOPLE VOTE for a new Constitutional Republic form of Government, and NOT be “Asking for Permission” from the State of California and Corporate America.

Chief Justice John Marshall in a celebrated case said,  “The United States are a Corporation.”

Why do you think we live in the “State” of California,

and NOT the “Republic of California” as it was originally founded??

The following points are taken directly from the Federal Codes and the Congressional Record:

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